Your Wedding Questions Answered!

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Your top Five questions:

                                    Are wedding planners worth it?


Weddings are becoming increasingly complex with an average number of 15 suppliers to source, negotiate and book.  Depending on your cultural identification, managing these vendors might mean coordinating their activities and delivery for two or three days. The guys at the Hitched think if you answer yes to the following question then having a wedding planner definitely worth it;

Do you and your partner work long hours?

Is your job stressful and demanding?

Do you have to travel frequently with your job?

Are you living outside the area of which you plan to marry?

Do you want your wedding to have the wow factor?

Are you worried about putting pressure on your Mother?

Do you want a professional edge to your wedding?

If your concern is the cost or their expertise in delivering on that creative theme you want for your special day, there are indeed ways around this. For cost, there are various pricing models eg you can pay a percentage of your total cost or a flat fee.

These days more people are using wedding coordinators. Yes they are different from wedding planners, you choose and agree with all your vendors but the coordinator’s role is to work with all these vendors on your special and ensure things are delivered according to the agreed terms and of course according to your dream.

My personal word of caution would be, whoever you decide to work with don’t take their word for it, do your own checks about their past projects. Speak to friends who might know them or speak of their expertise.

Thou shall not choose on the basis of Social Media accolades.


Can wedding guests wear black?

This is exactly how the guys at Glamour put it “there are far fewer rules today when it comes to wedding style, besides the ubiquitous don’t upstage the bride. It’s acceptable and even fashionable to wear black year-round, sequins for daytime and a cocktail-length dress to a black-tie wedding”.

If we go by what Naomi Campbell wore to the recent royal wedding I would definitely agree with Glamour.

Plus we have more and more brides opting to have the bridesmaid wear black. Very stylish black actually!

Photo Credit – Peridotofficial

We guess the answer therefore is Yes! however make it a tasteful and stylish black. Remember it is a wedding not a funeral.

Can weddings be on Sunday?

BBC says “more and more couples are ditching the Saturday wedding and getting married on other days including as It can possibly lead to savings of about 40% in high season.”

Weddings primarily hold on Saturday (a weekend) because there is a higher percentage of your friends and family being free from work commitment. So if you believe your family and friends would make Sunday, why not?

But then there is the vital consideration of the religious affinity of your family. Christians generally attend church on Sundays (some on Saturdays) so you might want to consider a Sunday evening wedding.

There is also the Country consideration. In places like Dubai, the work week begins on Sunday. There is no hard and fast rule with the wedding date. we would say do what fits your circumstances.

Are wedding gifts required?

Tricky one seeing as this is  a Wedding gift related business.

But this is our unbiased answer from TheSpruce: “It is possible that you are broke, unable to attend, going to a destination wedding or perhaps are even in the wedding party itself. While it is customary for guests to give wedding gifts to the bride and groom, people tend to fall into the trap of believing that these gifts are in exchange for their invitation. The truth is that a wedding invitation is completely separate from a wedding gift. In fact, a wedding gift is a token of your affection for the happy new couple—nothing more and nothing less. Usually, wedding gifts are sent as soon as the invitation is received, rather than brought to the wedding. Even if you have already given a shower present or engagement gift, traditionally it is a good practice to give a wedding gift as well.”

Our own two cents, If the couple expressly states a gift request on their IV either in Cash or actual Items please do honor their request. If there is no word about a gift on the IV, you can take the social etiquette road of buying a gift you think they would value or gifting them the honor of your presence. You decide.

How do wedding reception go?

First off, wedding reception should be FUN!

This is where all the formalities are done and everyone is up for having a great time.

To be honest, we did some research and it is a simple case of what works for you. Times are changing and we are slowing getting rid of having an high table, or having our parents dance in separately (some actually do away with this completely).

You decide how you want the day to go. Be creative with the activities. The important thing is you have fun and your guests have a great time.

Do  you have any questions you would like to get answers?, please do share!