Adetola & Gbenga

Our Cupid Story

It was early 2013 when the BBM app was still very active . I came back from work in the evening and checked my BBM to chat with friends. I saw a lady’s picture on my friend’s dp wishing her happy birthday. Quickly I asked him to share her BBM pin. He asked her for permission to share her pin with me . About two weeks later I got her pin and I started chatting with her, our conversations were very short as she hardly reply my chats. About 6 months later we became good friends on BBM, and surprisingly we haven’t heard each other’s voice before until one day she requested for my number and that’s how we migrated from chatting to calling. After about 7 months I asked her out, and that was how we started dating. After 2 and half years of dating , it was that time to make that move. I bought an engagement ring and I had to think about when and how to engage her. November 3rd is her birthday, but I didn’t want to do it on that day as it would be very predictive. I waited till 31st of December, crossing over to the new year. We went out for a date that night and while we were eating, I told her in a very sad way that I’m breaking up with her, she was shocked and crying. She angrily pushed her food to the side and stood up and was walking away with tears... I quickly pulled her hand, the next eye contact we made was me kneeling down on my knees . Inserted the ring in her finger and wiped the tears in her eyes , we kissed and hugged that night in the presence of a lot of people.

Saturday, November 12th 2016


Saturday, November 12th 2016



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We appreciate every gift, but the best of experience during our Honeymoon in Zanzibar is what we really want.