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Our Cupid Story

The year was 1994 and i was in Primary 3. I was this one and a half eyed chap 👦, who sat in middle row at the back of the class. Cared less about citizenship education and elementary science and more about breaktime and the "jan-gu-lo-vas"🎡, slept off in most of the classes and was always the last to leave. My dad would often come looking for me only to find me alone in school still trying to finish my notes 🙇🚶😕. At the front right of the class was this girl, always well put together, always seemed to have a smile on her face✨ 👩✨. She was the exact opposite of me and I never had the courage to talk to her 😳🙈. Imagine my luck the day she asked me to follow her home. I don't remember what led to that conversation or how we even started talking. All I know is at that point I wasn't thinking anymore, I blazed through my notes and started following her. She seemed very excited and I couldn't understand why. It was about a 30 minutes walk before we got to her house. As we stepped in, my heart started pounding and sense🧠 started coming back 🙆 She asked me to sit down, went to grab her mum and introduced me. Her mum welcomed me nicely and asked if I wanted something to eat, I shook my head 😟. Stories of kids that were kidnapped with 1 naira sweet started coming back, today must be my day😨😨. What I'm I doing? This girl barely knows me and she brought me to her house? They must have an agenda! 😳 The moment they went back inside, I quietly packed my bag and ran out of the house. I kept running 🏃🏃😄 till I got home. Swore never to tell anyone what happened that day... 😓🛌 One year after, I left kiddies College for Our ladies of apostle Yaba and we lost contact. However that name, Blessing Afolayan ✨👩✨, will remain in my head for a long time. Fast forward to July 2010, I was playing around on Facebook and the idea to search for her came to me. Wasn't even sure I'd recognise the face if I saw it and had no old pictures. Still I searched, found a couple of people with the same name. Then I saw a strangely familiar face, I knew this had to be her. I messaged her, and it went something like 👨‍💻 - Me: Hi, my name is Ayode Akinfemiwa 😇. I'm searching for a childhood friend by the name Blessing Afolayan. We both attended Kiddies Kollege at alagomeji Yaba. She lived on a street in Ebute meta, next to Ronke Edan whose brother is the popular Denrele... You have a brother by name Emmanuel and your parents were pastors. I reached out cos you look like her but if it's not you please ignore... . . One month went by and no response⏳⌛ I sent another message still no response. Another month went by then she finally responded. . Her: Yes I am the one but I don't remember you 👀 . . I was so excited 🤯🤩🤯 Fired back another 👨‍💻👨‍💻. . . Me: Thanks for getting back. I'm not sure how to remind you but at KK we had a teacher called Mrs Omolara, you took me to your house one afternoon but I ran away without saying goodbye and you had a friend called Damilola who lived in your street. Sorry this is all I can remember. . . Her: You're right with my brother's name, and KK. I'm not sure but i think I remember you, was your name was Dele and did you have a funny eye? . . That was it! 🕺🎉🕺and the rest is history. We've connected, completed and complimented each other like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I couldn't be happier spending the rest of my life with anyone else. In a few days I'd be the one taking her home and no one will be running away this time! 🤴💖👸 #Sunshine #TNA17

Saturday, July 29th 2017


Saturday, July 29th 2017


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