I was super excited when my brother got married to this wonderful woman in 2013. Other family members and friends of the couple who were as excited as I was ensured they brought the newlyweds presents on their big day. I thought this was really generous and cool but guess what? Most of these gifts ended up in my house and remained unopened and unused for 4 years. I am still unable to explain how this happened.

Even though I was truly amazed that the gifts remained in a room at my house for such a long time, I was certain that it was not because the gifts were unappreciated. What was it then? I thought about it for a while and I found the answer. The presents were untouched because they were not useful to the couple. This was when I had a light bulb moment and I decided there had to be a way to help other newlyweds avoid a similar situation. I imagined how much more my brother and his wife could have appreciated the presents, if they were handpicked by them. I also imagined the sort of exotic honeymoon package the gifts would have been able to pay for, if they were converted to cash.

On this note, our cash gift registry was born. We came on the scene with a dream to help intending couples settle easily into married life. Our approach towards this is to set up an account where friends and family can send cash gifts to the couple. In return, the cash gift received via this channel serves as an enabler for the couple to ease financial pressure that come with planning a wedding.

Our approach is intended to help couples do any of the following easily: Fund their dream wedding, manage expedient financial commitments such as making a down payment for a house, a car, enjoy an exotic honeymoon. I also hope with this Couples are able to make investments for the future or give to causes close to their hearts using the cash gifts sent to them by family and friends from anywhere in the world using our platform.

Anu Sanya