When you create a cash gift registry, you are given the chance to write your own love story! 


From talking about your first meeting to your plans for after marriage, the registry description is your opportunity to share your special relationship with friends and family.


 If you don’t know where to begin, read on and discover our top tips for writing a romantic bio for your cash gift registry.


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Recount Your First Meeting


Everyone loves a cute first meeting story! Reflect on how far you have come by recalling the first time you and your partner locked eyes. It is exciting for guests to read how love can blossom anytime, anywhere! Likewise, your friends and family will adore this personal touch to your registry.


Discuss Why You Chose a Cash Gift Registry


Many people might not be familiar with the concept of a cash gift registry. To make the process understandable and simple for your guests, mention why you chose to request money instead of item gifts. Whether it be to avoid unnecessary item waste or to cut out the hassle of picking out present ideas, let your friends and family know your intentions and get them on board with a simple, effective cash gift alternative!


Talk About Future Married Life


Of course, the reason you are creating a cash gift registry is because you are getting married! It is a great idea to share your plans for the future and hint at where the money is going. Perhaps you plan to make a significant purchase or move away: it is important to talk about your next chapter so that your friends and family can not only understand the reason behind your cash gift registry but also congratulate you on your upcoming adventures!


We hope these tips have inspired you as you write your love story. Get in touch with us on social media and let us know your favourite! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)