Traditionally, grooms have been left out of the wedding planning process. However, weddings involve the union between two people! This means that, where a couple includes a groom, he needs to be equally involved in the wedding as his partner. 

Therefore, we have compiled an extensive number of tasks and tips especially for grooms so that, no matter what, both partners take on responsibilities while planning their wedding. Remember, it should not be an expectation that a bride does all the work! 


Stereotypically, grooms do not usually get involved in deciding decor, floral arrangements, and so on. This is a shame, as surely a wedding event should be a celebration of the couple? Challenge this notion for your own wedding, and include yourself in such affairs. If you want your big day to reflect who you are as a pair, it is important that you both contribute to its aesthetic! Furthermore, to capture the beauty of your day, look into photographers together so that you can ensure you will have keepsakes for years to come.



Wedding dresses are not the only important outfits when getting married! You and your groomsmen will want to look smart and dapper on your special day. Organise a fun day for you and your friends to have suits fitted. Make sure to align with everyone’s busy schedules and ensure that everyone feels comfortable in their attire. Consult your wedding colour scheme to coordinate accordingly and avoid clashing!


On the logistical side of things, a big task that likely needs two minds is organising and sending out invitations. Mull over your guest list together, understanding who you each would like to come to your wedding, and gather all of the delivery/contact details you need! To kill two birds with one stone, you can also organise your cash gift registry at this time. With all your guests listed, why not add them to your online registry so that they have time to contribute before and after your wedding? 



On the day, many grooms make a speech at their wedding reception. Steer clear of winging it and try preparing what you would like to say beforehand. Your nearest and dearest friends and family will be in attendance, so plan what you feel is appropriate for this audience. Of course, make sure to mention your partner! This is an opportunity to express your love and devotion to them.


As we all know, the wedding is the first chapter of married life! It is key to look ahead and know what the next step is. Whether you are saving for a home, thinking about moving away, or want to travel together, check your finances and begin budgeting so that your next adventure can start as soon as possible!

We wish you all the best for your big day - you’ve got this! Let us know your favourite tips via our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).