Though children are an adorable addition to any occasion, there are potential tantrum risks when precautions aren’t taken!

If children are attending your wedding, it is important to consider incorporating kid-friendly elements to ensure a smooth-sailing day. Read on to see our top tips for a happy “children welcome” wedding!

If a child is to be involved in your wedding ceremony, it is key to organise their role in advance. Whether you want to include a family member’s child (or indeed your own!) as a flower girl, page boy, ring bearer, or any other position, make sure to have their parents’ consent, as well as enthusiasm from the child themself. You do not want a grumpy kid to begrudgingly take part in your ceremony and feel uncomfortable!

If both the parents and child are enthusiastic about the idea, you are safe to go ahead and plan their role. Everything from choosing their outfit for the day and consulting the child about what to do during the ceremony can take place, and will likely make them feel special and excited to help out. 



Of course, if you are only admitting children to your reception and not the ceremony itself, you will want to consider hiring childcare professionals to assist. While children’s parents enjoy a peaceful, uninterrupted, and beautiful marital ceremony, they can be assured that their kids are being looked after. 


Similarly, if parents want to relax at the reception without worrying about their children, you can extend the work of the childcare professionals to the whole day. Alternatively, if you have some responsible teenagers or young adults attending that are willing to watch over the kids, you could cut corners and save some money!


Nevertheless, wedding days are long ordeals and are not the number one occasion on impatient and distractable children’s to-do lists. Curb this issue by preparing some easy entertainment for them, such as simple colouring-in sheets or a building blocks area. The children will want to join in the party too so, if you are hiring a dancefloor, they will love the chance to bust a few moves with the adults! 



If any toddlers or babies will be at your wedding celebration, mothers and fathers will thank you abundantly if you accommodate their baby-changing needs. Check if your venue facilitates such services and, if they do not, see if you can fund your own pop-up station to discreetly and smoothly take care of any infant clean-ups.


Lastly, children are notoriously picky eaters. Therefore, it might be in your best interest to conduct a survey with their parents and note which alternative, kid-friendly foods you could serve at your wedding meal time. A separate children’s menu (or extra options if you are going for a buffet-style service) will make all the difference to hungry yet difficult to please tots!


We hope that you have gained some insight into how to host a kid-friendly wedding and that both you and the children enjoy a fun-filled day. Get in touch with us via social media and let us know your own stories/advice! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)