The 22nd of April marked ‘Earth Day’ in 2021. The event invited experts and eco novices alike to reflect on the impact of their daily routines on our planet’s environment. 


Of course, the intentions of ‘Earth Day’ is not to confine such considerations to twenty-four hours: the main aim is to encourage positive and green change in everyone’s lives to help combat climate change. 


We have compiled our own simple habits that you can adopt in your own daily routine to contribute towards an eco-friendly society! Read on to find out how you can make a difference.



Our easiest recommendation is to reuse items where possible. The world produces approximately 2 billion tons of waste each year, and this figure needs to be cut down. (World Bank Group


By reusing items, whether that be using eco-friendly, reusable bags instead of plastic/paper bags when you go shopping or buying second-hand clothes instead of purchasing new garments every season, we can limit our contribution to global waste production and help out our planet in a small way. 


In a similar vein, try to only purchase locally grown/sourced produce where possible. When we buy food and clothing from far away countries, we contribute to a growing carbon footprint caused by transport pollution. The planes, trains and automobiles required to ship internationally sourced items to our doorstep guzzle tons upon tons of gas, emitting harmful fumes into our planet’s atmosphere. By sticking to local alternatives, we can help to lower dangerous levels of damage to the Earth and aid in its healing.


Our next top tip is another very simple one: when you are not using something, turn it off! Whether it be the bathroom tap, your bedside lamp or a television, make sure that they are switched off when not in use. By lessening the amount of water and electricity we waste, we can lower our personal carbon footprint and save some money on our monthly bills!


Of course, our personal favourite tip pertains to weddings. Have you ever thought about planning an eco-friendly wedding? Well, the steps are simple! From saving paper by using digital invitations to reducing waste and pollution by requesting cash over item gifts, you can incorporate some planet-saving ideas into your own special day. If you are vowing to live a long, happy life with your partner, why not also nurture the planet you both live on?



We hope that our tips have sparked your interest in helping the Earth by becoming more eco-friendly. Let us know how you have been doing your bit to save the planet via social media! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter