Admit it: while planning your wedding, you have thought about the celebratory gifts you might receive! Some couples even set up an item gift registry to help their guests select presents. 


However, receiving item gifts is a dying trend. In the modern day, item gifts have become too much hassle for couples and guests alike. Read on to find out why!


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Reason 1: Too Many Items!


Couples are abandoning the notion of wedding gifts because they then have too much stuff.

In fact, couples tend to have already created a home together by the time they get engaged. Thus, there is often little need to receive more items on top of those already purchased! If they opt for item gifts from wedding guests, couples find that their home becomes cramped and cluttered, losing that elegant charm they tried so hard to perfect before. For many, it is just not worth it!


Reason 2: It Is Too Much To Handle


When our personal inventory grows, it can be too much to handle, even with the help of a partner. When couples want to expand their family or maybe move away, it is hard to reconfigure their lives with all these items to worry about! Hence, many choose to live life simply and only take on what they need and can manage. It is easier to enjoy their space for its purpose when they do not overwhelm themselves with useless things.


Reason 3: It Is Difficult For Guests


Couples are finding that it can be troublesome for their guests to locate, buy and give the present they want. Distance issues, items being hard to track down and shipping costs are all complications that make buying wedding gifts stressful for friends and family. It eases guests’ anxiety to cut out this tradition completely! After all, weddings are the best when enjoyed by everyone.


Reason 4: Useful Digital Alternatives



As technology and weddings become more intertwined, couples are leaving item gifts behind and seeking alternative online methods. For example, online cash gift registries let friends and family from around the globe easily and safely contribute to your own personal fund. There is no stress for anyone to pick a gift, deal with shipping, or wrestle with the overload of items in the house! Moreover, a great benefit of cash gift registries is that the money can then go toward one significant purchase a couple has been wanting to make, whether that be a car, house or a dream honeymoon. The choice is theirs!

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