Lately at Our Nuptial Chest, we have been considering the idea of ‘gratitude’. Needless to say, it has been a hectic and strange twelve months. However, looking back, it is heartwarming to remember all of the times our loved ones have been there for us. We have felt compelled to thank these people because they deserve it!


Therefore, we are here to encourage you to show gratitude to your own nearest and dearest: here are some great ways to thank those that have shown you love in these unprecedented times. 



Our first way of showing gratitude is to simply say thank you. It is such an easy and unassuming gesture, but one filled with meaning. When we are thanked for a good deed or just for being by someone’s side, it is a great feeling. Why not pass on this warmth by thanking a friend or family member who has helped you out lately? We are sure it will make their day.


If you would like to go the extra mile, consider creating a thank you card or letter! This will give you the opportunity to write down your feelings and convey to your loved one how grateful you are for their presence in your life. Sometimes it can be awkward to confront these moments face-to-face, but we are able to showcase our thankfulness on paper. Moreover, this will be a keepsake for them to treasure and look at whenever they feel down.


Of course, many people choose a special occasion to let their friend or family member know how grateful they are. If someone you love and are thankful for has a birthday coming up, make sure to remind them of how happy you are to have them in your life. Elevate this sentiment with a thoughtful present that you know they will cherish! This will highlight to them that you understand them too and want to return the support they offer you. 



In a similar vein, what better time to show gratitude to a loved one than when they are getting married? If you know they have a certain big purchase they and their partner are saving for, suggest that they create a digital cash gift registry. This way, all of their guests will be able to contribute to their dream as thanks for all the support throughout the years. They will be very grateful to you and you bond will continue to flourish as they know you have their back too.

We hope you have enjoyed our words about gratitude and have been inspired to thank someone today. Let us know your thoughts on being thankful via social media! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)