Weddings are expensive events to finance. We often think “this will only happen once!” and are tempted to splurge our cash.


However, there are some easy ways to save money while planning your wedding! Read on to find out our top tips.


DIY Decorations

Instead of hiring or buying extravagant decorations, why not try your hand at creating your own wedding accents? From upcycled furniture to gorgeous art displays, you will be surprised at how much you can make yourself! What’s more, you can recycle materials and help save the planet and money. 


Second-hand Dress

Wedding dresses are a big deal to many brides. Nevertheless, there are so many pre-loved dresses that are still in amazing condition! Get yourself a second-hand wedding dress at a bargain price to keep costs low and still look gorgeous.


Create a Cash Gift Registry

Many people use online cash gift registries to help finance a big purchase or their honeymoon. However, you can use contributions from your wedding guests to help cover the costs of your special day! Your friends and family will be honoured to help out and be a part of such a meaningful occasion.


Use Local Vendors


Seek out the hidden gems within your local community to help out with your wedding. There are so many talented independent vendors who can supply services such as photography, catering and styling for cheaper prices than bigger companies. 


Know What Matters

At the end of the day, you are getting married to commit to your partner for life. This gesture is priceless and does not require any fancy occasion to commemorate it. Sometimes, the simplest events can be the most special, so really think hard about whether you are spending too much on decorations and appearance and not enough just appreciating love and marriage. (Of course, you can still treat yourself a little!)

We hope you have enjoyed our tips on saving money while planning your wedding. Got any of your own? Share them with us on social media! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)