Our loved ones have the best intentions for us, but we know that they can take things too far occasionally! The good news is that friends and family are willing to listen to us and be there for support. 


Therefore, if you have a loved one who is providing unnecessary suggestions, here are some easy ways to tackle the issue. 



Be Honest


First, let your loved one know that you are feeling stressed out and that their unwanted contributions are not very helpful to you. They may not realise they have been hounding you with their opinions but, once you open up to them, they will be grateful for your honesty and will be there to support you with the tasks at hand!


Be Appreciative But Re-Focus



Nevertheless, it is important to let them know that you appreciate their help. Don’t offend them by simply rejecting their gestures, but state that their comments are not your main focus at that moment in time. This will reset everyone’s attention back to what is key to you in the planning process without hurting anyone’s feelings.


Talk About How You Feel


Of course, there is no harm in saying that so many people’s input is making you confused and stressed! Your friends and family want to be a positive influence in your life, so hearing this will help them to do what is right for you while you plan your wedding.


Stand Up For Your Dream Wedding



Do not be afraid to be firm if someone is not taking the hint when you try to explain yourself. It is not beneficial to your wedding plans if a loved one is continually suggesting the same idea that you have already written off. Educate your friend or family member on what you want from your wedding and be absolute on whether you agree or disagree with their proposition. 


Advice From Acquaintances 


If someone you are not very close to is offering advice to you, it is best to thank them and imply that you will keep their idea in mind. This does not mean you are committing to their plan, but is a good way to avoid offending someone. Not everyone can take the honest truth like our friends and family!


We hope we have helped you gain confidence in asserting yourself while planning your wedding. Let us know your top ways of politely rejecting unwanted advice via our social media platforms! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)