Welcome back to Our Nuptial Chest’s Bride Guide, the blog series where we share our best wedding planning tips with all of you bride-to-bes. If you missed the previous parts in this series, check them out here


For part four, we are focusing on your bridal party. It can be difficult to choose and delegate roles within a bridal party - that’s why we’re here to help. Check out our top tips for organising a bridal party and enjoying your wedding planning to the maximum!


Gather the Girls!



First thing’s first - congratulations! It is so exciting to become a bride-to-be, and your friends and family will want to rejoice with you. Begin your journey with your nearest and dearest by your side and let them know from the get-go what you want your wedding to be like. By informing them as soon as possible, you will have everyone on the same page and ready to put in the work to make your dream wedding a reality!


Be Mindful


It is all fun and games to giggle and gush about your engagement but, when it comes down to it, wedding planning is hard work. Make sure to be very considerate when selecting members of your bridal party. It can be tempting to pick your closest pals, but remember to consider who will fulfil the role best and help you get down the aisle in one piece! Your maid of honour, for example, should be able to handle numerous responsibilities and take the position seriously to ensure a happy wedding for everyone.


Accept the Support



It can be hard not to micromanage everything about your wedding because, after all, it is your big day. However, you have a bridal party for a reason: support! They will be there through all of the ups and downs and will understand your emotions. Therefore, do not let all the stress fall on your shoulders. Accept the help of your loved ones while maintaining a healthy authority over decisions for your day. Having this balance will make wedding planning easier, more efficient and fun!


Remember the Little Moments



While your wedding is the main occasion, there are still smaller moments to celebrate with your intimate group of friends and family. Whether you are trying on wedding dresses, visiting fairytale venues or taste-testing some delicious cakes, relish these memories and remember how wonderful it is to be surrounded by the ones you love. 

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