Welcome back to Our Nuptial Chest’s Bride Guide, the blog series where we share our best wedding planning tips with all of you bride-to-bes. If you missed the previous parts in this series, check them out here


For part three, we are focusing on wedding invitations. Unbeknownst to many, wedding invitations are often tricky to organise and send out. Therefore, we have compiled our top tips for getting yours made and delivered with ease! Read on to find out more.


Who Is Coming?



First thing’s first: who would you like to invite to your wedding? Sit down with your partner and really consider how many people you will be able to send an invitation to, as well as who you want to prioritise on your guest list. The size of your wedding and, thus, number of people you can invite, really depends on what you are able to finance and how intimate you would like the occasion to be. If you do not want to invite everyone you know, and would rather have just close friends and family, consult with your partner and make sure this is what they would be happy with too. Communication at this early stage is key so that there is no disappointment down the road.




Of course, there are people we would love to invite to our wedding, but we have to be realistic in these situations. Sometimes, people live far away or have prior commitments, and so we have to be prepared for some hiccups and rearrangements. To make the process as smooth-sailing as possible, make sure you have the names, addresses and contact details of all your prospective guests. This way, you will be able to consult with those most important to you before you set a date and send out your invitations. By doing so, you can ensure that you will be surrounded by those you love on your big day!


Wedding Theme + Information



Got a theme for your wedding? Now is the time to reflect it through your invitations! Your guests will love this sneak-peek at the celebration, and they will be able to prepare themselves for the event ahead accordingly. Remember to include any dress-code, accommodation and gift information in your invitations as well, since this will be key for any guests that intend on enjoying your wedding with you. This goes without saying, but including the right venue and time is highly important! Moreover, if there are any amendments to be made once the invitations have already been sent, it is a good idea to have all of your guests’ contact details to hand so that they can be made aware of the changes in advance.


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