Welcome back to Our Nuptial Chest’s Bride Guide, the blog series where we share our best wedding planning tips with all of you bride-to-bes. If you missed the previous parts in this series, check them out here


For part six, we are looking at wedding dresses. Some brides consider the dress to be the single most important part of their wedding (besides the marriage… right?) Therefore, we wanted to cover the basics of finding the perfect dress for your big day. Read on to find out more!



Bring Your Buddies


Finding a wedding dress is an exciting occasion, and one that you and your loved ones can enjoy together. Invite your closest friends and family to search for that one amazing dress to walk down the aisle in. You can even pop some bubbly to really have fun!



Get Opinions


You may have an ideal dress in mind, but it is helpful to get second opinions! Ask your friends, family and seamstresses to pitch in with their thoughts as you try on different dresses. You may find that, with other perspectives, it is easier to land on the perfect dress for your wedding. 



Try On Multiple Dresses


While you may have set your eyes on a specific wedding dress as you browse, do not only try one dress on. It is important to give all dress styles a chance as they can look very different on your body than on the rack. Take risks and sample a range of dresses so that you can be sure of what works best for you!



Select What Is Comfortable


Of course, many dresses can look beautiful on. However, think practically about what will feel most comfortable throughout your celebrations. You will be wearing your wedding dress all day, so it has to be something that you are confident, relaxed and happy in! Do not sacrifice your comfort for a dress. Ultimately, choose a dress that reflects you and lets you be you.



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