For many, getting married means creating a life together. Oftentimes, this means moving. Indeed, lots of couples are opting to pitch their tent in a new place after marriage.


Whether you plan on simply moving house, city or even country, we have some helpful tips to get you through the process -- read on to find out more.



Decide Together


Moving is a huge decision, and one that can impact several facets of your life. Therefore, it is key to discuss everything with your partner and make sure that you are on the same page. It is advisable to have such conversations before your wedding, so that you feel confident in your future as you commit to one another! 




Everyone values different aspects of their lives differently. Thus, it is important to think about what matters to you most. Do you want to live near family and friends? Will your job be impacted by moving? Do you plan to have children and, if so, will you be able to raise them in your new home? So many variables come into play when you are planning a big move, so make sure you are prepared to tackle them all! Select which parts of your life are dearest to you and correlate your move with them. 



Make Time For Goodbyes


If you are moving away from loved ones, spend ample time with them beforehand so that you have lasting memories to carry with you in your next chapter. Your friends and family will miss you, so do not take them for granted! Let them celebrate your big decision with you and, of course, encourage them to visit.


Moving Abroad


If you are moving to an entirely new nation, there are a few further steps to take. Ensure that you have valid identification and whatever paperwork you might need to legally reside in the destination country. Similarly, familiarise yourself with the culture and customs of your new home: it will be very beneficial to you and will help you to make new acquaintances as you explore. 



Plan Your Wedding Alongside Your Move


It may seem hectic, but planning your wedding and move alongside each other will guarantee a smoother transition into your new life. For instance, when mulling over potential wedding gifts, you may find that the clutter and responsibility of new items will be a burden when moving. Why not think ahead and create a cash gift registry fund? Your guests will be able to donate a monetary present as a contribution to your future, and you will not have to think about packing and shipping all of those items to your new home. Moreover, if you are moving abroad, you will be able to convert your cash gifts into the currency of your choice - easy!

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