In this day and age, trends move at lightning speed and often do not stick around too long. However, some manage to stand the test of time - especially when it comes to relationships!

At Our Nuptial Chest, we have done our research and want to share our findings with you. Read on to discover the top trends that modern couples love.



Showcasing Relationship Online


These days, a lot of us are crazy about social media. It is so handy for keeping up with current affairs and chatting with our friends, no matter where in the world they are. It is only natural that couples have gravitated towards displaying their relationships online. Whether it is to keep loved ones in the loop or just to celebrate being together, countless partners upload pictures, videos and written posts to their profiles showing off their love for each other. #couplegoals!



Taking Trips Together


Many couples see travelling the world as a joint life ambition. As the work-life balance constantly shifts and becomes more flexible in this modern age, lots of people have been taking the plunge with their partner and exploring new places. Whether it is visiting an unfamiliar city or flying to a whole different country, couples travel is a booming industry and a trend that will not disappear anytime soon!



Creating a Life Before Marriage


In recent times, it has become more and more popular for couples to settle down together and create a shared life before getting married. Many partners develop careers and a home alongside each other, accumulating furniture, appliances and decor for their living space before even saying their vows. Some find this method cost effective and a chance to save for their wedding, and others enjoy the opportunity of living with their significant other and finding a stable routine before marriage. 



Digital Weddings


In this age, digital services have become increasingly prominent in modern couples’ weddings. From virtual ceremonies to digital cash gift registries, convenience is key for celebrating a contemporary marriage! Indeed, if many partners have already created a life together, cash gifts eliminate unnecessary items and streamable weddings let friends and family worldwide join in with the fun. Modern couples are thinking practically and this will continue for years to come.

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