In a world of international opportunities, many people have friends and family dotted around the globe. Indeed, lots of loved ones maintain strong long-distance friendships and are among many couples’ nearest and dearest. Therefore, it would be a shame for these special people to miss out on a key celebration like a wedding. 


Luckily, there are several modern ways to involve your international pals in your wedding! Read on to find out more.



Organise Appropriately


If you are adamant about having a particular guest attend your wedding in person but they live abroad, it may be wise to confer with said loved one and organise suitable travel plans. Of course, this is a costly option. Nevertheless, many couples find that the effort is worth it to share their special day with their favourite people. 



Digitise Your Wedding


If our first option is out of the question for you, we recommend digitising your wedding. In recent months, streaming your wedding ceremony and/or reception has become a huge trend all over the world. It is simple and cost effective, letting guests attend your celebration from the comfort of their own homes! In fact, this option will allow even more loved ones to come along, especially if there are number restrictions in your area.



Connect With Guests Before and After


While your wedding day is the focal point when planning, there are multiple ways to involve local and international guests alike before and after the big day. Whether you want to send out digital invitations or create an online cash gift registry for friends and family to contribute toward, you can make sure all of your guests feel included, even if they live far away. 



Share Photographs


Unfortunately, there is always the chance that a guest or two will not be able to make the wedding celebrations. In this case, we always suggest sharing digital or physical photographs of your day with others. Whether you upload them to social media, e-mail them around or flick through a photo album when you catch up with a friend, they will appreciate you including them in your wedding journey.

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