Wura, an International Weddings and Events planner, Wedding blogger & Influencer, gave some interesting answers to questions we know you have........
Weddings always seem about the bride and her fairytale, what are the fun areas for the groom?
His Bachelor party (or stag do as we call it here) and the wedding day itself. Most grooms don't care much about the details, they just want to show up and have a good time. Let's be real the wedding is for the bride ;)
Your Biggest (or more like most important) tip for the couple planning a wedding.
My most important tip is to have the wedding that is for you, that is, the wedding you can afford, the wedding you want (and not what social media says you should have), the wedding that will show your personality and the wedding you would look back and smile at. Budgeting and staying true to yourself are key factors here.
Massive wedding or most intimate wedding, which works best?
This depends on the couple. Both can work with a great wedding planner but for me I always say intimate weddings. With intimate weddings you have more control of the wedding planning,  you connect more with your guests and I believe you have a more special and memorable experience. It's easy for the couple to feel overwhelmed, not in control and not feel special with massive weddings.
We are from two very different cultures, how do we showcase this at our wedding?
This is one of the beautiful parts of weddings; when two cultures come together. You can showcase this by infusing your cultures into the wedding parties and ceremonies. Wearing your cultural outfits, playing your cultural songs, using the colours and patterns from your cultures for the decor, having a cultural performance from both cultures, having the food at the wedding represent both cultures, I can go on and on, there are so many ways.
Lets talk about Budget! What can you say?
Weddings can get very expensive so you have to set a very realistic budget and be very strict with it. Cut out unnecessary things from your budget, like do you really need the doughnut wall you saw in a BRIDES magazine?. Ask yourself 'will this make or break my wedding?'. This will help you cut out a lot from your budget and keep costs down.

Wura Manola is an International Weddings and Events planner, Wedding blogger & Influencer based in London. Wura uses her blog, Get Wedding Ready to inspire and educate couples about wedding planning. Her Youtube channel 'Get Wedding Ready with Wura Manola' has accumulated almost half a million views and is watched by brides and couples in over 30 countries. Wura has her own wedding & events company, Manola Luxe where she has planned and coordinated a number of weddings and worked with renowned wedding vendors. Wura believes wedding planning should be a fun and exciting experience, this is why she set up the Summer Bridal Brunch to bring brides together for a fun and educative brunch on wedding planning. Wura is now a bride-to-be's favourite source for everything weddings! When she is not planning a wedding or blogging, Wura loves to travel, read inspirational books and she has a real passion for women empowerment!