If you are reading this the you are surely thinking about requesting for cash gifts from family and friends in place of Boxed items. But of course you don't want to come across as tacky or face the possible blacklash as recently witnessed on the internet. We understand. So here are  some ways to  get your  guests to gift you cash towards an experience(s), downpayment for a car/house or the big ticket item:


Use a Cash Gift registry. This is not because we want you sign up and create a chest ( ok ok we do) but this is one of the best way to communicate things. With one asset you can communicate several things to your guests: the wedding details, how you met and what you would love to have as a gift. People would generally love to know what they are giving you cash towards. Help them "Visualize" the gift they are paying for. Plus stating your account details on your wedding invitation or crowdfunding.


- Say it with  a poem on your Wedding Invitation. No its not cheesy, its a classy way of letting  you guests know what you want as gift.  There are a number of  suggestions online but we found this one (plus more) on Confetti.co.uk."We’ve lived together for quite a while, With all our pots and pans, And as we don’t need homely gifts, We have another plan! We know it’s not traditional, But it’s easier that’s for sure, To have no wedding list at all, Your attendance means much more! For those of you who do insist, We have a savings pot, A small gift to add to this, Would really mean a lot!"


- Let your friends spread the word: Nothing like the best of friends to get the message across. When guests want to get couples a gift they sometimes reach out to people closest to them for ideas. This is where your buddies come in, let them do the talking for you.


Just in case you just said "just three ways?" Dont worry when we find new ideas we would keep  updating you. In the interim try any of these. Especially the first!