Ayodeji Ogunusi, the founder and owner of Aso-Ebi Concierge shares some good tips for the bride and groom going the Aso-Ebi Route. You should read this.......


What should I consider when choosing the right Asoebi for our special day?


When choosing the right Asoebi, first things first, think of Asoebi Concierge. I’m joking but I’m not joking lol. Think about those Asoebi pictures you have seen & loved & most likely taken a screen-shot of. - what colours do you like the most - How much would you like your guests to pay - Is the slay more important than the price of the fabric.


 I love the colour Asoebi adds to my wedding but I don’t want to burden my friends with major extra cost, are there pocket friendly options?

There are lots of pocket friendly Asoebi options. Lace & Gele for 40k is not the only way. If you want your guests to spend 10,000. Ankara is a beautiful display of the Asoebi tradition & I can tell you for sure your guests will re-use their outfits for years to come.


Hubby and I decided no Asoebi but I want to have something unique to our special day, any ideas?


No Asoebi, No problem. You could ask your guests to wear a specific colour, so you get some form of uniformity and cute pictures as well. Or you could have a theme for the event like Great Gatsby or October 1st 1960 & leave people to come up with interesting outfits to attend your special day.


Gifts to friends that bought my Asoebi, is it limited to my female friends? What canI get for the men? 


Ah ah, gifts are for everyone. Share the love to the men too. There are so many great gift ideas for men that are budget friendly; things like grooming kits, beard oil, watch holders, water bottles, cufflinks. If budget is not an issue, you can shoot for airpods, speakers, drinks accessories, wallets.


If you could, what would you tell every couple when it comes to Asoebi?


I would say; Asoebi is not always a stressful and expensive tradition. Like everything else, there is a seamless, sane & pocket-happy way of handling Asoebi. Leave Asoebi to Asoebi Concierge & enjoy your wedding experience. You have found each other & you’re about to celebrate your love with your family & friends. 



Ayodeji Ogunusi the CEO of Asoebi Concierge a pioneer event concierge service, dedicated to ensuring a seamless asoebi experience. Their  goal is to make sure  event logistics are as seamless as possible.