Halos! Has planning your wedding got you freaking out? With flowers, venues, menus, guest-lists, invitations, and so much more to figure out, it’s no surprise! To try and help make sure things go down without a hitch, we’ve put together 5 simple planning tips for you. So, I’d like you all to please stand and raise your glasses, here’s to a stress-free wedding day!


Tip 1 – Give Your Bridesmaids Planning Roles

Your bridesmaids aren’t just there to vent to after a lovers tiff. They’re there to help you avoid one in the first place! So make sure to enlist the help of your closest-girls by giving each one a wedding planning role! Since you know they totally just get you, you can be sure they’ll get the job done right. It’ll keep you calm and your relationship happy. Or, if you’re not willing to give-up the reigns, be sure to have them over for planning & prosecco nights! They’ll provide moral support, creative ideas and shoulders to cry on if it gets a bit too much.


  Tip 2 – Don’t Forget your Man!


It’s a little known fact, but your man actually wants to help. Seriously! Anything that keeps your stress levels low makes life easier for him. So he’s bound to be down. Just make sure you give him the right jobs! He’s definitely going to get flowers, decorations & place-cards wrong. But he’ll love designing your invites, working out a delicious menu, putting together budget spread-sheets and using his negotiation savvy to score you an awesome wedding band.  


Tip 3 – Whittle Down Your Guest List


Let’s face it, you want everyone you know to be a part of your special day! But weddings aren’t cheap and spaces are limited. And that can make short-listing your guest-list a stress-filled nightmare! So we’ve provided you with a few simple tips to make it a whole-lot easier.   Firstly, if they’re not related and you haven’t spoken to them in over 3 years, leave them out. Secondly, if you’ve never met them, even if they are related, leave them out. And, finally, if the only reason you’re inviting them is because you’d feel guilty if you didn’t… You guessed it. Leave them out!


Tip 4 – Set Your Budget Early


You don’t need us to tell you weddings are expensive. But, just to clarify, weddings are really, really expensive! So make sure to get your budget sorted early, so you don’t have the added stress of money worries.   It sounds boring and laborious, but a creating a simple spread sheet to track your costs will be really useful. It’ll also help you avoid going over-budget or being surprised by hidden costs. If your hubby-to-be is a tech-whizz (and most of them are!), he’ll be happy to knock-one together. Especially since it’s going to keep you and your joint-account happy!  


Tip 5 – Get Yourself Moving


There’s nothing better than eating two cakes with one fork. Well, this is basically that but backwards. Getting exercise is going to bring two-benefits: it’ll help you de-stress and it’ll help you look fab on your big-day. You don’t need to go OTT and sign-up to an intensive 12-week boot-camp. Simple things like talking more walks, doing morning yoga or going running 2-3 times a week is going to help you look and feel your best. And, let’s face it, you always feel better when you’re looking your best! I now pronounce you, (almost) stress free!


The truth is that planning your wedding is always going to be a little stressful. But, as we’ve shown, there are some simple things you can do to make the whole process much easier. For you and your man. So make sure to try them out. We guarantee you won’t get cold-feet! As always, here’s to the happy couple!


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