Halos! Ever thought about designing your own wedding invitations? Sounds like a whole lot of work doesn’t it. Unless you know about a nifty free-to-use website called Canva, [link to www.canva.com open in new tab to keep them on your site] a ridiculously simple online design platform. With just 10 minutes of work in Canva you’ll be able to create a stunning wedding invitation yourself. And we’re going to show you how to do it step by step. So load up your laptop, let’s get your invites sorted! One more thing to cross of the list, right?




Step 1 – Load up Canva


On the main page of Canva you’ll see a search bar asking you what you want to create. Fortunately for us, Canva has lots of templates for wedding invites. So we’ll start by typing that into our search. Just like you saw in the picture above. Now, Canva is a free service but it also has premium features. So make sure you look out for the templates with a little FREE icon at the bottom right. We like this design. So we’ll work off that.






Step 2 – Let’s Customise it!

Unless you’re having a beach wedding, that picture just isn’t going to do. So we need to change it. We’ll start by deleting the old image. To do this just click anywhere on the image and then press the back-space. Voila, it’s now gone. If you’re following with our steps, we’ve also deleted the white box. But if you like it, keep it in! To add in a new image you’ll need to make use of search bar on the left. Hit the elements button, type in ‘wedding’ and then hit photos. It’ll bring up a heap of wedding related photos we can use for our background. You should get something like this:




We’ll go with the rose. To add the image click and drag it over to your invite design. Canva automatically places new items above everything else, so don’t be alarmed if it looks like your invite has disappeared. To fix it, hit the position button on the top right and press send to back. This is what you’re after.



Now just have a play around with the sizing sliders on the image to get it exactly how you want it. All done? Good, let’s get to the text. Can’t be sending wedding invites out with the wrong name’s on can we!

Step 3 – Editing the Text

Like everything else, editing text in Canva is really easy. Just click on the text you want to change. It’ll automatically select everything, so hit the back space and then type in your new message (make sure to spell your name’s right!). There are loads of great fonts to choose from if you feel like getting creative. But, we’re loving the delicately handwritten look of this font, so we’ll keep it. You can also change the text colour. So, to make it a bit more eye-catching, we’ll change the venue font to white and add in a new venue location whilst we do!




We were feeling a little inspired so we changed the RSVP text to pink too! To match the rose we have in the background. And we probably got a little carried away with the venue, but, c’mon, a girl can dream can’t she? All you need to do now is save your invite as a picture file (.jpeg or .pdf should do) and then get some copies printed. Easy, peasy. Or, if you feel like going digital, just pop it in an email or Facebook invite to all your friends and family. You have to admit, it looks pretty good, doesn’t it?


You officially just created your very own stunning wedding invitation in (probably) less than 10 minutes! If you think thats too much stress you might take the option of creating a  Gift Chest  that comes with the added bonus of all your wedding details too! Saving money and gaining some all at the same time.


Make sure to share your unique creations with us on Facebook too. We’d love to see what you came up with. As always, thanks for reading. Here’s to the happy couple!