You only get to do your honeymoon once. So everything should be exactly how you want it. And, by following these simple tips, you’ll save more than enough to have the honeymoon of your dreams. Without having to sacrifice the luxury. Ready to build up your honeymoon fund? Good. Let’s get right to it.


1. Swap romantic nights-out, for cosy nights-in

Don’t get us wrong, going out to fancy restaurants, bars or even the cinema is great. But, it’s also pretty expensive. So, when you’re saving for your honeymoon, why not try swapping your traditional nights out, for cosy nights in instead. A trip for 2 at the cinema is going to cost you upwards of £20. But buying some microwave popcorn, loading up Netflix and having a cuddle on the sofa? That’s only going to cost you £2. You save £18. And the sofa is so much comfier than cinema chairs anyway!


2. Get a spare-change jar

Okay, this one isn’t going to save you hundreds. But you’ll be surprised at how much you do get. After every night out she went on, a friend of mine would pop her leftover change into a jar. And, after a few months, she found she’d saved up close to £40. Now, since there’s two of you, we’ll times that by 2. So you could be looking at £80 in just a few months. Sure, it’s not going to pay for anything huge. But it’ll definitely cover a couple of candlelit dinners in the moonlight…


3. Skip the morning latte


We’re all guilty of spending way too much on Starbucks. Or costa. Or whatever your caffeine-fix of choice is. But, the truth is, we can live without it. Because we have perfectly good coffee at home. Let’s say you bought yourself a cheap thermos. Probably £10. And you’re spending £3 a day on lattes. By making your own coffee the thermos has paid for itself within a week. And you’re already £5 better off. Multiply that by a few months and you’re literally talking hundreds saved. Probably enough to cover your flights or a fancy hotel!



4. Vouchers

Okay, you’re probably not new to using vouchers. But we bet there’s more vouchers out there for things you’re buying and doing than you realise. Great places to start are groupon and wowcher. Just remember, you’re only saving if you’re using the vouchers for things you were going to buy anyway. Another great tip is to check for discount codes before you purchase anything online. Vouchercloud is a great website to do this. So, before you hit checkout on the ASOS app, try typing in ASOS discount codes into google. Sometimes you’ll find you can save as much as 40%. And it all adds up!


5. Set up a direct debit

You’ve already got direct-debits set up for just about everything, right? They take care of bills, savings, Netflix, amazon-prime, and so on. So why not create a special one and link it to a separate savings account - reserved exclusively for your honeymoon. Most of the time we don’t miss the money once it’s gone. We’re just more likely to spend it when it’s there. So, agree an affordable amount with your fiancé. That’s not going to impact your quality of life. And you can both start saving.


6. Save the leftovers


We’ve already mentioned that you can save money on your daily coffee. But how about your daily lunch expenses too? If we’re honest, we’re all prone to splurging a little too much on greggs, subway and pret sandwiches! So why not cut the lunch expenses out, by taking your evening dinner leftovers into work with you the next day. I know I can spend upwards of £5 a day on lunch. So, if you cut that out, we’re talking at least £25 a week. In just 2 months you could be looking at an easy £200. More than enough for a spa-day for 2 in the Seychelles…


7. Get Creative


If you’ve got a bit of a creative streak, why not use it to your advantage? By taking to eBay to sell your crafts and make a few extra pennies on the side. Because, let’s face it, we’re living in the era of the side-hustle. So there’s no reason you can’t have your own side-hustle too. You could try creating necklaces & bracelets, coming up with quirky t-shirt designs or even try selling your paintings and sketches. Who knows, there might be a huge market for it. It’s not a guaranteed money-maker. But, if you don’t try, you’ll never know! And, who knows, maybe in a few year’s time you’ll be ditching the boring office job and doing it full-time. Now that would be something…



8. Sell your old stuff

There’s two types of people in the world. People who hoard. And people who don’t. If you find yourself in the former camp, then maybe it’s time to part ways with some of your old stuff. There are plenty of sites online that are willing to take old mobile-phones, books, CDs, DVDs and clothes off your hands. And they don’t pay too bad either. But, if you’re serious about turning a profit, then eBay and gumtree are your best bets here. It’ll take a little longer to sell your stuff. But, with no middle man, you’ll be able to charge a lot more. And that means more money in the honeymoon fund!



9. Switch to a home beauty regime

Okay. We get it. Sometimes we just need to feel pampered. But, the truth is, much of the beauty treatment we pay for, we could realistically do ourselves. Now, we are not saying you should cut your own hair. That’s definitely a disaster waiting to happen. But little things like waxing your own legs and painting your own nails could save you a small fortune. So, by sacrificing a little luxury in the short-term, you’ll be treated to a lot more luxury on your honeymoon. And with memories to cherish forever, it’ll be totally worth it in the long run!  


10. Check your subscriptions

It’s so easy to sign-up to things these days that most of us probably don’t even know exactly what’s coming out of our bank every month. Think of all those free-trials we forgot to cancel, smart-phone app subscriptions and gym-memberships we just don’t use. We  know you can’t do without amazon prime and Netflix. So they can stay. But we bet there’s 1 or 2 monthly subscriptions coming out of your bank each month for services you never use. Money that would be much better spent on the honeymoon of your dreams!



11. Cash Gift Registry

If you’re like most modern couples, then you’ve probably been living together for a while now. So you already have pretty much everything you need! And that’s where a wedding cash gift registry can work in your favour. Because you can ask your guests to help you out with your honeymoon fund. Our nuptial chest offers an online platform – called a gift chest – where guests can opt to give you cash instead of gifts. All in a handy online platform that allows you to share your wedding details, your “how we met” cupid story and keep a running total of how much you have. We know that it can sometimes be difficult to find the right wording to ask for cash as a gift. So we take care of that for you too. We create e-invites to send out to all of your guests, that words your cash gift request in a classy, non-awkward way! Click here to start creating yours.


That’s all from us.


Good luck building up that honeymoon fund.! P.S If you have any of your own money-saving tips then make sure to drop them in the comments box below! We, and our happy couples, would be delighted to learn them!