If you are considering a destination wedding then we got you! A destination wedding can be beautiful and absolutely a fun event but we just need to help you put some things in persepctive.

These are not a MUST do but we believe (plus from what couples have done it have said)  paying attention to these things would almost guarnatee you a great time on your special day.


Hire Locally

We know you might be tempted to go with the familiar and hire vendors from your country of residence, but no one knows the terrain more than the locals. Especially when they have done "this" over and over again. It is best to hire your vendors from the country you are getting married, if possible hire from the city specifically. This reduces cost for of travel that would be included in your bill if you hire from your country of residence.

A word of caution though, RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH before you choose a local vendor. If possible get references as well.


Hire a Travel Agency

This is really not for you but your guests. As much as you may be great at planning travel trips let the professionals handle the travel details for your guests. Mainly because they have the best deals and discount for large group travel and they can also ensure the fine details of getting your guests to the wedding is taken care of.

All you do is decide on the travel agent (after you make sure they can do this of course), negotiate the terms and then share their details with your guests.

PS - You can also use them for your travel itinerary, a more less detail to plan.


Consider A Wedding Website

This is not us trying to upsell but truth is if you are choosing a location that its landscape is not familiar  to your family and friends there is tendency for them to keep coming back to you with questions as they make the decision and plan towards attending your wedding.

The planning is already stressing you out (hopefully not too much), you really dont need the constant phone calls asking the same set of questions. We say document everything about the wedding, Venue, time, programm, travel/logistics details, list of nearest hotels or shortlet homes, tourist attraction (they are in new land so they would like to explore) etc.

You are also ensuring that your guests are given enough notice and time to plan appropriately.


Consider Including a Local Menu

You have choosen to seal your forever journey in a new terriroty, make it more memorable for you and your guests with an infusion of a local menu. Well....maybe not everything but some so you can all have a "taste" of the local food.

You can also throw in making an outfit that represents the culture of the country you are in. Not necesarily your wedding gown but your second outfit for the recption or after party. Create memories!


Plan Your Honeymoon

The wedding is done, you are now the Mr and Mrs! Its time to enjoy your time alone allllllllll by yourself.

You are already in a new country/city, why not plan your honeymoon in that city. Some couples take a day or two to go on tour with their guests but you can choose to spend time alone exploring the city.

Thats it folks!

Dont forget you need to find Local Marriage Requirements. It is as important as every other key details of your planning for the special day.

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