We know every bride and groom is different. Some like to go for the simple traditional things while others like to do things differently.

This is for the couple who wants something that looks like cake but is not cake. Here goes 5 ideas.

1. Tiers of chocolate truffles

Go for the different with a tiers of chocolate truffles with some cake decor that gives you the vibe of  a weddig cake. Just like the picture above it comes out beautiful plus you have the difference to your special day aleady. Just some taste of sweet when its time to cut the "Wedding cake"

2. High-Rise Donuts

Hold on! Dont laugh yet. Look closer at the displays of dounuts we have added here. It never has to be a cake it can be donuts! All kinds of flavour glazed donut too. Looks and should taste absolutely great!


3. Wheels of cheese stacked on top of each other.

Yes we know, it sounds weird but some love cheese that much. So why not have them in a coloruful stack on your special day in place of a wedding cake. Go for it!


4. Frut Display

You know we just had to go there. This is for the ever diet conscious couple and would like their guests to get in shape! Seriously though this looks really colorful and beautiful, a very good substitute for the wedding cake.


5. Cupcake Display

If you still want the cake element but not exactly all traditional, a cupcake display is another great choice.

There are more creative ideas but we thought to share these few!

Lastly, if you haven’t already, make sure to set up your unique personalised gift chest. Perfect for those couples building their honeymoon fund. It’s free to create!