Korede Olabanji is the Key man behind the Photonimi Photography Brand and he shares some nuggets for the bride and groom as they prep for their big day.

Q - What is a common mistake you see couples make when it comes to photography for their special day?
 A - Very few couples pick keen interest in their wedding Photography, not remembering pictures are all they have to keep the memories of their well catered for wedding. Such couples then delegate choice of the Photographers to third party. 
Q -  A very important question every bride and groom must ask their  photographer of choice?
A -  Can you properly document our ceremony creatively, without loosing details and special moments of the day? Also ask for preview into the Photograpgher's past work beyond social media Posts. 
Q- What are 3 things a couple absolutely must know about capturing moments on their special day?
A  - Time is of essence
    - Show positive attitude thru the day regardless of whatsoever. 
    - Respect and Trust the judgment of their Photographer 
Q - As Bride and Groom that want the best, what should be our budget?
 A -  Budget??? Maybe =N=500k/day (£1,000) upwards.
Q - Your most important advice for brides and grooms as they prep for their wedding?
A -  Be happy
   - Couple should be involved in choosing their Photographer, Hair Stylist and MUA.