Your wedding prep is underway but you need to get the pre-wedding photos done. Theme to shoot? Not to worry we have some ideas for you.


1. Show your fun side; No one says pre-wedding have to be serious. Do you have an hobby that you and your partner totally enjoy? Show us!


2. Keep it professional. What better way to show us what you do both do for living, especially if you met at the workplace.


3. Do the unsual. Yes! Do something that cause people to stare or ask if you are crazy. Yu are crazy in love so hey....let the world know.


4. Lets make it  simple & classy. Sure! Lets see what you both look like in your dinner/black tie inspired look.


5. Tell us a story! We love this one the best. With the best of creativity in pictures show us maybe how you met? We cupid stories. #wink


Do you like any of our ideas? We hope you are inspired by these ones for your photos.

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