The guys at Knot  conducted a real wedding study and found, one in five weddings done in the past 7 years took place during the workweek.

While weekends have traditionally been the time for wedding ceremonies, below are 5 reasons you might consider getting married during a work weekday:




    1.    Pocket-friendly budget:

      Choosing a weekday to celebrate your big day can save you some cash since unlike weekends, weekdays are usually off-peak periods for events. As such, it is possible to negotiate lower rates with your event vendors. Besides, you wouldn’t only be getting flexible prices on event venues and food, as hotel reservation for your out-of-town guest and airfares often come cheaper during weekdays too.



     2.   More flexibility: Compared to the two days in a weekend, opting to get hitched during the weekday means you have more days (Monday to Friday) to choose from. If you are the type that is particular about special dates, this flexibility can afford you the opportunity of getting married on the same weekday you had your first date a year or two from now.    




     3.   Truly intimate celebration: If you are looking to have only your closest buddies and family members in attendance, then a weekday wedding may work just fine. That way, only those who can’t afford to miss your wedding for anything in the world will show up. However, it is important that you send these special guests your invitation at least 6 months before the D-day in order to help them take necessary leave from work. Likewise, you can pick a bank holiday or a long weekend holiday that extends into the weekdays for your wedding ceremony.


     4. More time with your guest: Since your out-of-town guests have already taken out some days off work to be at your weekday wedding, they are probably not going to jet off the next day. Hence, you can spend more time with them by hosting an outing for them the next day after your wedding ceremony.



     5. Certainly, more relaxation time: Unlike a typical weekend wedding where couples may leave for their honeymoon immediately after the ceremony, you have more time to relax if you choose a weekday instead. For example, if you get married on Monday, you can decide to get some rest before travelling for your honeymoon by Thursday.

We hope these got you thinking! But hey not everyone wants a mall wedding, the bigger the better!

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