Halos handsome!

Have you have finally decided to take your relationship a notch higher, gone ahead to pick the perfect engagement ring, but can’t seem to figure out how to make your wedding proposal special?

Here are 5 truly special ways to propose to that special one (he or she):

1   1. Go back in time: This is one sure way to bring back all the mushy emotions and good feelings needed to make your proposal truly special. Remember where you both first met? In the train, at the mall or wherever that may be, proposing to her at that same location is something she wouldn’t forget in her lifetime.  


      2. Try a tourist location: While this may be costly, taking her to a beautiful place like Dubai, Paris or New York just to propose is going to blow her mind. And who knows? This can also guarantee a “Yes, I will!”




     3. Take it to her workplace: You could be sure she would not see this coming! A perfect week day and time to take your proposal to her workplace would be on a Friday during lunch break. You can decide to go solo or get your buddies to tag along. Either ways, you can be assured of a surprised look and a somewhat endless blush on her face.



      4. Get a little extreme:  Who says you can’t propose to her in mid-air or under the water? Just  be sure to take necessary precaution for your safety while you are at it!



     5.  Make it homely: Why wait until she becomes your bride before you start serving her breakfast in bed? Give her a taste of what she stands to enjoy in marriage by cooking or ordering her favourite meal, spoon feed her and when she is done eating, pose the question, “Will you marry me?” Only two things can happen afterwards. You either get a Yes or a yes!

   We hope that when you get the wedding on the way, you set up your unique personalised gift chest  perfect for those couples building their honeymoon fund. It’s free to create!