Picking a wedding gift should be an easy task, right?  But there are some of us who would rather count the grains in a bag of rice than contemplate which wedding gift to buy (lol). So, if you fall into this category of wedding gift pickers, here are 5 wedding gifts that will come in very handy:


1.  Money: Yes, the read that right! Contrary to the thought that giving a couple money as  wedding gift isn’t a thoughtful act, money is a perfect gift for two reasons. One, you would be saving the couple an extra space needed to store traditional gifts like sets of pots or coolers which they may not use in the next 10 year. Secondly, cash gifts will go a long way in helping a couple offset the many costs incurred when planning their wedding. And honestly speaking, I haven’t seen anyone who complained of having too much money (not even Jeff Bozos), how much more newlyweds!


2.  Foot a major bill: Instead of giving money to a couple, you could decide to pay for a major pre or post wedding expense. Examples of such expenses include paying for the wedding venue, flight tickets to their honeymoon destination, an all-expense-paid honeymoon, spa treatment, furniture or house rent for the first 6 months of marriage. While this may be expensive, there is no way a couple will forget any of these wedding gifts in a hurry.


3.  Customized everyday items: Make a twist to traditionally given items like mugs, beddings or robes by having them customized with the couple’s names, lovely inscriptions or their wedding date. Make sure these items are of high quality and durable, and you would occupy a cool spot in the hearts of the couple for a long time.


4.  Art works: Beautiful art works have a way of grabbing our attention, and couples aren’t immune to their effects. The fact that they are placed around the house also gives art works such as paintings, drawings or sculptures the advantage of being seen and appreciated by couples and their visitors.


5.  Suitcases: Suitcases aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. At one point or the other, couples will need to travel or go on a vacation and this gift of yours will prove valuable.

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