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Throughout the pandemic, many of us have been stuck at home. This can be boring, but don’t worry! We have some great tips for staying entertained and completing your to-do-list… using your online devices!

  1. Stream some music! 

One of the most simple ways to immediately liven up a dull day is to stream some music online. Whether you use headphones or blast it out loud, playing your favourite songs while doing tasks can improve your mood and increase motivation. 


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  1. Do an online exercise class!

Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be moving around: get your muscles burning by doing online workouts! Yoga and pilates are our preferred exercise methods, as they are proven to decrease stress and encourage relaxation. However, there are so many different choices that can be done in the comfort of your home. 


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  1. Organise and complete your chores!

A list of chores can sometimes be daunting and seem too difficult to start. Why not simplify things for yourself and use handy online resources to ease the workload? If you need to go grocery shopping, online supermarkets are a few clicks away and deliver to your door! If you are planning an online or COVID-19 wedding, how about opening a cash gift registry so that your friends and family can contribute to your happy future safely and securely? You can even use the power of the internet to find a reliable tutorial for that DIY job you have been struggling with. The possibilities are endless!


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  1. Connect with family and friends!

It can be hard not seeing the ones we love as often as we used to. Catch up with friends and family by calling online! Chat about lockdown hobbies, participate in games and quizzes and, most importantly, make sure everyone is doing well. It is important to support one another during this time and talking with a loved one can make all the difference. 

We hope that you have been inspired by our online suggestions for beating lockdown blues. Stay healthy and safe!