As the winter cold begins to subside and the flowers start to bloom, we all gain a pep in our step as we realise that spring is finally here. If you are planning a wedding for spring, here are some 2021 trends that promise to make your special day magical! 

Outdoor Weddings/Receptions


As the government restrictions persist, many couples are taking their celebrations outside. In spring, this can work to your advantage: lush, green environments will make any wedding gorgeous, and there is an opportunity to incorporate natural elements into your decor. Further to this, marquees and tents have become the must-have party space for outdoor weddings: many couples hire them out and create the perfect indoor-outdoor atmosphere for a down-to-earth occasion. 


Twinkly Lighting


If you are wondering how to brighten up your wedding venue, nothing goes better with a marquee/tent wedding than charming fairy lights and candles. The Knot has named cozy lighting a top trend for spring 2021 weddings, noting the “romantic and airy ambiance” that they provide. Moreover, twinkly lights will make your day more intimate and casual, letting you and your guests relax and enjoy each other’s company as you celebrate. 

Charitable Contributions


Though it is tradition to receive gifts from your guests in honour of your marriage, many couples are looking to give instead. Harpers Bazaar emphasises the use of cash gift registries to collect money for charities as a key trend for 2021 weddings. These platforms are useful as they are flexible to a couple’s needs so, whether you want to collect monetary gifts or donations, you will be able to do either with ease. 


Small Gathering


If you want your day to be really special, it is best to limit your guest list to the people you love most. This has been a running trend due to the pandemic, but it also offers the chance for you to fully embrace your marriage celebration with the people that matter. 


Similarly, if you have guests that cannot attend, why not virtually stream your wedding so that friends and family from all over the world can commemorate the day with you? 

We hope these spring trends have inspired you as you plan your own wedding. Get in touch with us on social media and let us know your favourite! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)