We all want to celebrate our wedding with our loved ones; it is even more enjoyable when the guests can get involved! Whether your guests are attending in-person or virtually, here’s how they can be included in your special day.


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Guest Officiation


Having one of your guests officiate your marriage is a fun and intimate way to celebrate. Choose a good friend or family member who you trust to take on the important role and let them add a personal touch to your ceremony!


Group/Communal Vow


If you would like to involve a larger group of people in your ceremony, a group vow is a perfect way to make the day about you and the ones you love. Aim to connect with guests by sharing promises with each other about the future and how you plan to move forward in marriage. Similarly, they can express their positive feelings about your union and how they want to help your marriage flourish. 


Throw the Bouquet


If you want to incorporate tradition into your wedding day, consider tossing your bouquet! Many brides throw their flowers over their shoulder and let guests try and catch them. The myth behind this act is that the lucky catcher will be the next to marry, so let a guest have their shining moment and help them to kickstart their own wedding planning! If you want to put an entertaining twist on this tradition, why not let the groom do the throwing?!

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Exciting Surprise


Nothing beats a surprise at a celebration, and it’s always better when you are in on the secret! Let your guests know of any surprise performances, gifts, or revelations that are planned for the big day to create excitement and anticipation. 


Online Registry


It is very difficult to guarantee a full house at your wedding ceremony and reception these days. A sure-fire way to involve your guests, no matter where they are in the world, is to use a cash gift registry. The service is simple, trustworthy, and effective, allowing loved ones to contribute to your wedding and get involved virtually.




If you are having a small and informal wedding, why not involve your guests and save money by embracing a pot-luck-themed dinner?! If you are unfamiliar, pot luck is when guests bring their own delicious dishes to an event and try all the different foods around the table. This is a lovely way to bring a homely vibe to your wedding day and to have your guests see if they know you and your favourite foods. Best of all, you won’t need to pay a caterer!


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We hope you have been inspired by our suggestions for guest-oriented wedding activities! Let us know your favourite or your own ideas on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).