Who can use Our Nuptial Chest?

We have enabled the platform to work with Newlywed couples or couples renewing their vows in the following countries: • Nigeria • United Kingdom (To go live March 2019) We are working on making this available in other territories.

What is different about Our Nuptial Chest ?

We are built first and foremost for the bride and groom to be who recognise the use of technology/digital to plan towards their big day. But much more:

  1. We have enabled a Cash Gift Registry so that your friends and family can make that experience or purchase of one major item happen. Plus you have a network beyond one country, the cash gift registry has been enabled to make everyone regardless of the location be a part of your special day.
  2. Not everyone can get a hold of your physical Wedding invitation, why not create your gift chest and send your guests the link? It comes with your wedding date and venue.
  3. love cupid stories and we always know many of your guests love to find out that special moment when the universe brought you together. When you create your gift chest you get to share your cupid story as well.
  4. If you allow us to, we send reminders to your guest about your wedding date.

How do we create a registry?

  1. Click on the tab Create a Registry.
  2. Create your log in details with your email and password. This same email would receive all notifications concerning your chest.
  3. Chose the type of chest you want to have, Public or private chest. Public chest means anyone can log in and see your details. The private chest means only the guests that have the password can access your chest.
  4. Fill in the form with your details. Do a look through before you click submit
  5. Chose how you want the fees to be paid. By yourselves or your guests.
  6. Click on Create Gift Chest.
  7. If you choose a private account a generated password would be sent to your email.
  8. Your chest link would be sent to your email. You can share this with your guests.

How do we state what we want to do with the cash?

Because we found out that guest like to know what they are giving towards we have created a tab where you state that one major item(s), experience, charity etc.

    It can also be:
  • Contributions to flights
  • Cocktails on the beach
  • Romantic meal out
  • Tour around your honeymoon location
  • Tickets to a tourist attraction
  • A crazy adventure – think skydiving or bungy jumping (nothing like being petrified to bond as a couple!)

Can Our Nuptial Chest send reminders to my guests?

Yes, if you create your Registry or invite with us, and share your guest details, we can send them gentle reminders about your wedding date.

How and When do we receive our gifts?

When you create a gift a gift chest we request for your bank account details. All sum received is transferred to your bank account as soon as it processed through our partner e-payment platform (Paypal and Paystack).

Ideally you should have all funds (less the fees if the couple is paying) at the end of each until your wedding date. Please give a maximum of 48 hours in situation system glitch.In cases of bank holidays we would initiate the transfer and send you the evidence.

If you would like to receive your funds as it comes, monthly or all at once on your wedding day please send us an email. No, it comes at no extra cost.

Is our Money Secure?

Absolutely! Aside from integrating very secure payment channels on our platform, we have set up the system to ensure you receive your funds at the end of each week. All money is deposited into a separate bank account held on trust before being moved into your own account. We are only authorized to remove the transaction fees (if couple is paying) so you can be sure your gifts gets to you safe as your guests intended.

We have also added the extra layer of a personal dashboard for you to see who gave, how much they gave and what time, so you can track all gifts.

How do We know who to thank?

A list of contributors is available from your chest dashboard to let you know who gifted you, how much and a message from them to you.

What are the fees?

To create your gift chest is absolutely free However we charge a service fee as follows:

  • Option A: You as the couple pay 6% of all funds received.
  • Option B: Your guests pay

For Nigerian users, Your guests pay N1,000 flat fee if they are gifting you any sum between N1 and N15,000. If they are gifting you any amount above N15,000 they pay 6% of whatever sum they choose to give

For users outside Nigeria, Your guests pay £10 flat fee if they are gifting you any sum between £1 and £150. If they are gifting you any amount above £150 they pay 6% of whatever sum they choose to give

See the table below


How do I find a registry?

Simply type in the name of the couple in the “find a gift chest” tab or follow the link your loved ones gave you.

Please double-check you’ve got the right page before you start giving gifts.

How do I give a gift?

Once you are done reading the cupid story of the cupid and looking through the wedding details of course, click on the tab “Give Cash Gift”. Depending on the currency your loved ones have chosen to receive the cash gift in, a secure e-payment channel would be activated.

How will the couple know I gave them cash gift?

Each couple has access to a dashboard which shows them a list of all contributions made (capturing who gave, how much and when) and guestbook messages

Can I use OurNuptialChest to gift contributions from overseas?

OurNuptialChest Platform allows guests from across the globe give to each couple. Please note that if you’re using an overseas credit card your bank may charge a currency conversion fee.

Can I make my contribution anonymous?

Definitely! You can simply type in anonymous when filling out the givers form. We would do the needful of letting the couple know you have chosen to give anonymously.

Do I pay any fees?

Each couple makes the decision about the fees. If they choose the option of you paying please see the table below to know what it would cost you.

Is it secure?

Absolutely – all money given are processed through the channels of integrated and secure payment channels. Because they have the global expertise in securely processing payments from across the globe we have built our platform not to interfere with the actual giving process. We receive the funds and have it deposited into the couple’s account.

We are only authorised to remove the transaction fees so you can be sure the entire contribution gets safe to your loved ones.

Can I get my contribution back?

This is a tricky one for us, so please double check the name of the couple before giving.

If it happens you do make a mistake we would have to contact the couple you gave and it would be their decision if we should refund the cash gift to you.

Please note we would have to deduct any accruing bank charges if we do have to make a refund.


Amount Donated in Pounds (£1 - £150) Fee (Flat fee of £10)
£20 £10
£50 £10
£100 £10
£140 £10
Amount Donated in Pounds (greater than £150) Fee (Flat rate of 6% of amount)
£150 £9
£160 £9.6
£180 £10.8
£200 £12
Amount Donated in Naira (₦1,000 - ₦15,000) Fee (Flat fee of ₦1,000)
₦1,000 ₦1,000
₦5,000 ₦1,000
₦10,000 ₦1,000
₦15,000 ₦1,000
Amount Donated in Naira (greater than ₦15,000) Fee (Flat rate of 6%)
₦20,000 ₦1,200
₦30,000 ₦1,800
₦45,000 ₦2,700
₦50,000 ₦3,000